§ 1

Priority admission right to Dekada Club is granted to:

  • holders of invitations

  • memebers of Dekada Club (holders of the club card)
  • persons included in the Guest or reservation list.

§ 2

Admission to Dekada CLub is possible only upon presentation of: an invitation, club card, entry in the Guest list, entrance ticket or a band. Events with free admission constitute an exemption from the above provision. After leaving Dekada Club the ticket, band, invitation or entry in the Guest list are no longer valid.

§ 3

In order to provide the Guests of Dekada Club with sense of safety and comfort Dekada Club reserves the right to refuse entrance to everybody who does not correspond to the standards adopted by the Club through their appearance, clothes or behaviour. In the event of refusal of entry or cancellation of an event organized by Dekada Club, the incurred cost of entrance fee in the form of a payment for ticket, invitation or prepayment for reservation shall be returned to the Guests subject to the conditions specified in § 15.  Dekada Club shall not bear any responsibility other than the obligation to reimburse the costs specified above for refusal of entry or cancellation of events, what also means that is shall not be obliged to satisfy any additional financial claims.

§ 4

In the event of reasonable suspicion that an invitation or club card were made available to a third party, the Club shall have the right to refuse admission to the premises of Dekada Club to the person presenting such documents.

§ 5

Admission to the VIP zone is possible solely and exclusively upon presentation of a valid and undamaged band provided at the entrance to Dekada Club.

§ 6

Persons under the age of 21 shall not be admitted to Dekada Club on Fridays and Saturdays and persons under the age of 19 shall not be admitted on the remaining days of the week. The above provision applies also to persons unable to present a valid identity card, intoxicated by alcohol, remaining under the influence of other abusive substances or persons dressed inappropriately in relation to a given event profile. The Club reserves the right to change the required minimum age limit by introducing relevant changes to the Terms & Conditions.

§ 7

Should the number of Guests in Dekada Club be equal to the fixed maximum number of persons, Dekada Club shall have the right to refuse entry to its premises for safety reasons.

§ 8

The Guests are not allowed to bring to the premises of Dekada Club food, drinks, alcohol, abusive substances, firearms or gas pistols, knives or other sharp objects, as well as other objects which might lead to threat to the health and life of the Guests of the Club.

The Guests entering the Club may undergo a control and they shall make their bags or handbags available for control. In case of refusal to undergo the said control, Dekada Club’s management reserves the right to refuse entry to the premises of the Club.

§ 9

Persons behaving in an aggressive way or posing a direct threat to other Guests of Dekada Club as well as persons in the state of alcoholic intoxication or under the influence of drugs shall be obliged to leave the Club.

§ 10

Dekada Club protects its Guests through security personnel bearing ID tags.

§ 11

The Guests are obliged to comply with the instructions given by the Club staff and security personnel related to the situations connected to: movement of persons, evacuation and other safety reasons.

§ 12

In the event of infringement of the law, Terms & Conditions of Dekada Club, destruction of Club’s property or other actions committed by a Guest resulting in threat to the safety of persons and property, personal injury or property damage, the person committing such acts shall be obligated to leave Dekada Club or the Club personnel shall have the right to report the situation to competent authorities and hand that Guest over to these authorities. Every person causing damage to property or personal injury shall be fully liable on that account.

§ 13

Dekada Club’s Guests shall not be allowed to leave the Club with the drinks bought in the Club or disturb the peace in the area of the Club.

§ 14

An absolute ban on smoking tobacco products applies at Dekada Club with the exception of designated smoking areas.

§ 15

Reimbursement of the cost of the ticket, invitation or prepayment for reservation shall be performed on working days by means of a bank transfer to the indicated account within 14 days. The person applying for such a refund should present a valid ID card along with a valid ticket and proof of its purchase or optionally an invitation or a prepayment for reservation. Cost reimbursement shall not entitle the Guests to make any further claims.

§ 16

The Club reserves the right to cancel any event it organizes without giving any reason. In such an event the Guests are entitled to cost reimbursement subject to the provisions of § 3 and§15. Event cancellation shall not entitle the Guests to make any further claims.

§ 17

Cancellation of the reservation seven days before the events shall be free of charge. In the event of cancellation made later than seven days before the event, the Club reimburses 50% of the paid prepayment. In the event of cancellation on the day of the event, the Guest shall not be entitled to reimbursement of prepayment.

§ 18

The Club shall not be liable for random events or force majeure events which may take place during any event, such as for example disasters, fire, evacuation ordered by the Police or Fire Service, bomb alarm, and it shall not be obligated to reimburse the cost of tickets or pay compensation for other claims related to cancellation of the events or its interruption due to the reasons specified above.

§ 19

Every person entering the premises of Dekada Club agrees for free of charge use of his or her image by the Club management for marketing purposes.

§ 20

The Club shall not be liable for items left in the cloakroom.


  • cloakroom is free of charge
  • the Club shall not be liable for valuables left in the cloakroom
  • the Guests leave one piece of clothing in exchange for one coat check tag
  • the Guests shall be charged PLN15 for coat check tag loss and their items shall be returned after the closing of the Club on the given day or on other date specified by the manager
  • in disputed cases the Guests may enter the cloakroom only in the presence of the Club manager

Items left in the cloakroom which the Guests fail to retrieve shall be stored for 14 days. After the lapse of that term we shall hand these items over to the Lost and Found Office located at 15, Dzielna Street in Warsaw. In the event a piece of clothing is lost due to Club employee’s fault, the Club shall be liable up to the amount not exceeding PLN300 only after presentation of the original cloak check tag on the basis of which cloaks are returned.

The Guests should immediately inform the Club manager about the cloak check tag loss.

  • In order to retrieve a coat in the event specified above the Guests need to wait until the end of the event or come on the following day. The Guests shall be charged PLN15 for coat check tag loss. The Club’s cloakroom is free of charge.

§ 21

Items accepted for deposit in the VIP zone of the Club shall be protected through “safety envelopes” system. The Club shall not be liable for any damage to the items accepted for deposit. The deposit guarantees safe-keeping of the entrusted property with due diligence and care.

Deposited property shall be returned only on the basis of an original and undamaged deposit proof. The deposited property which the Guests fail to retrieve within 14 days after the end of an event shall be handed over to the closest police station.

§ 22

Persons purchasing tickets, invitations, making prepayments for reservations or entering the premises of the Club thereby accept the above Terms & Conditions.